Mother's Day Gift Guide

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What better way to show a mom you love and appreciate her than with the gift that keeps on giving? Check out some of our books that will inspire her and celebrate her this Mother’s Day and all year long.

Whether your mom is already an expert or has always wanted to try her hand at something, one of these lovely giftable books will show mom you are thinking of her. Better yet, spend some time trying an activity together!


For the crafty mom:

          Sewing Happiness by Sanae Ishida


Each of the 20 simple sewing projects in this book are specially designed to promote health, creativity, relationships, and more, providing gentle inspiration to live your best life. Author Sanae Ishida ties together each of the projects with a thread of memoir on how sewing brought her profound happiness—something we all want for our mom.


For the mom with the prize-winning roses:

           Gardener’s Yoga by Veronica DOrazio; Illustrated by Frida Clements


Give your gardener mom the yoga practice she needs to alleviate the aches that come from all that digging, pulling, and carrying. This beautifully illustrated book shares 40 yoga poses divided into seasonal sequences—or flows—specifically designed for gardeners bodies and spirits. All while inspiring calm and connection to the natural world.


For the mom who wants to be an artist when she retires:

           Make It Mighty Ugly by Kim Piper Werker


If your mom is a creative type, or has always wanted to be, help her create her own masterpieces using this fun and inspiring handbook. Author Kim Piper Werker urges everyone to pick up their pen or paintbrush or scissors and make something mighty ugly to get that “failure” out of the way. Offer to display her artwork on your fridge; it’s the least you can do.


For the mom who loved Cheryl Strayed’s Wild:

          A Woman’s Guide to the Wild by Ruby McConnell


This guidebook covers the matters of most concern to women venturing into the great outdoors. From “feminine functions” in the wilderness to how to deal with condescending men, as well as the basics of wilderness survival tailored to women’s unique needs, it’s got your back. Share the empowerment your mom gave you, and then go exploring together!


For the mom who’s an amazing hostess:

          Scandinavian Gatherings by Melissa Bahen


Inspire mom’s next party with this darling collection of Scandinavian-inspired recipes, crafts, and entertaining ideas filled with the flavors and traditions of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Whether you have mom over for a Woodland Tea Party or let her treat you to Afternoon Fika, this book will inspire you to relax with loved ones and enjoy the hygge atmosphere.


For the expectant mom:

          Embrace: A Pregnancy Journal by Nikki McClure


This beautiful journal is filled with images and ideas for embracing beauty, joy, and courage in the journey toward motherhood. Filled with gorgeous paper-cut artwork, the journals colorful pages and thoughtful directives encourage mothers to record their pregnancy from the first month through the welcoming of their little one into the world.

Also available are The First 1000 Days: A Baby Journal and The Next 1000 Days: A Journal of Ages Two to Six to celebrate special moments as a new child grows up.


For Grandma:

          Where’s Halmoni? by Julie Kim


Grandmas are often a door to family history and culture. This beautiful graphic-novel style illustrated picture book follows a young Korean girl and boy whose search for their missing grandmother leads them into a world inspired by Korean folklore, complete with a whole collection of quirky creatures. Have the grandkids read alongside grandma, and encourage grandma to share stories from her own culture!






Blog header photograph from Sanae Ishida’s Sewing Happiness

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