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A Nikki McClure Journal

5-1/2 x 7-1/2; $16.95

144 pages

ISBN: 9781632171757

A blank journal filled with a dozen beautiful papercut images from artist Nikki McClure.

Nikki McClure's annual wall calendars are sought after by those who love the simple but evocative papercut artwork she creates using a single piece of black paper and an X-acto knife. Each piece of art from her 2018 calendar is included in this new, blank journal. Everyday women are depicted in action, being brave, taking risks, rallying, and pushing forward to defend, renew, astound, and connect with the world around them.

This blank journal, intended for capturing thoughts and ideas, drawing, creating lists, or using as a personal diary, will inspire with its timely and powerful images.

In 1996, I made my first papercut for the book Apple. I have been cutting ever since. I now split my time between making a yearly calendar and making children's books. I become a full-time berry picker in the summer--that is, when I'm not watching birds, hanging out with moss, and swimming in the Salish Sea. I show my artwork at Land Gallery in Portland every November, as well as at shows internationally. I sometimes teach, and I am always trying to learn how to do everything better.

I live in Olympia, Washington, under cedar trees along the eastern shore of the southern Salish Sea. I am in business with my husband, Jay T. Scott, a fine woodworker. My son is also a frequent collaborator and instigator of adventure as well as inspiration for many books and images.


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