Where I Illustrate: Pierr Morgan

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For this series, our authors and artists take us behind the scenes to show us what their work spaces look like. Our first featured illustrator is Pierr Morgan, illustrator of the new The Children’s Garden from Little Bigfoot.


My apartment isn’t really a treehouse, but I call it one because it sits up high in the tree tops with the birds. I love to rearrange furniture and create cozy nooks for projects in the works. I call them “play stations.” They’re fun to be in, and they make the work like play.


Here’s my Illustration Station. I bought this wooden drawing table when I was 18. Immediately I felt like a professional. I’m a lefty—I like the light to shine from the right so my hand doesn’t throw shadows across the paper. Most supplies and materials I need for the project are close at hand so I don’t have to keep leaving my chair to get things or wander away, forgetting what I promised myself I’d accomplish (note: egg timer on tabletop = helps me focus). The three-drawer art cabinet sits against a short couch—the Reading and Brainstorming Station . . . also good for naps. My Research and Communication Station sits across from the couch at a kid-size rolltop desk.


All my furniture is portable and easy to move by myself. When I’m done with a project, I clear off the drawing table and rearrange furniture again, creating a change in perspective, giving my imagination a new perch from which to fly.


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