Meet Little Bigfoot!

A New Children's Imprint from Sasquatch Books
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Larry_SeattleSasquatch Books is pleased to introduce LITTLE BIGFOOT, our children’s book imprint bent on bringing a little Pacific Northwest wonder and monsterly mischief to young readers everywhere.

We’ve been publishing children’s books for nearly twenty years. Classics such as O is for Orca by Art Wolfe and Andrea Helman and Alaska’s Three Bears by Shelley Gill and Shannon Cartwright are still as beloved today as they were a couple of decades ago. Little Bigfoot brings together the very best of our children’s backlist along with new and delightful offerings fromthe beastly heart of our Who Hoo coverregion.

Little Bigfoot features titles with stories that take place in the Pacific Northwest, as well as wonderful books that originate from the creative minds of this region but that will appeal to children anywhere. We are proud to have such talented authors and illustrators on our list as John Skewes, Matthew Porter, Kate Endle, Caspar Babypants, Stephen Cosgrove, Robin James, and Jeremiah Trammel, among others, to bring us stories that range from the Wheedle on the Needleadventures of a lovable lost pup to the antics of a band of monkeys trying to keep a train fromflying off its tracks.

Now let’s head off into the woods and follow the footprints of Little Bigfoot!

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  2. Hello,

    I read that Little Bigfoot features titles with stories that take place in the Pacific Northwest, but have books you published like Larry get’s lost in Washington DC and other cities not in the Pacific Northwest. Just wondering.


    Posted by Mike Barton 

    1. Hi Mike! Great question. One of our goals is to share Northwest stories and talent with the rest of the country, and Larry Gets Lost in Washington, DC is a perfect example! John Skewes, the creator of Larry Gets Lost, is from Seattle, and his first book with us was Larry Gets Lost in Seattle. We found that folks in other cities were drawn to John’s style and the adorable Larry, so we expanded the series to share John’s talent and stories more broadly. We love to share books with Northwest roots that appeal to readers everywhere. Thanks for your question!

      Posted by Lisa Hay 

  3. Just wondered if I could hear from you on the story I sent on the Raven?


    Duane Niatum

    Posted by Duane Niatum 

    1. Hi Duane,

      Our editors typically respond to submissions within 3 months of receipt. If you submitted your manuscript over 3 months ago and haven’t heard back, feel free to email Thanks!

      Posted by Lisa Hay