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We’ve crunched the numbers and it’s official—fall is the best time for reading. Get ready to curl up in your favorite nook with a cup of hot tea and bury your nose between pages ripe with decorating advice, taste bud-tantalizing recipes, cute critters finding their way in the world, and artwork that transforms natural elements into something magical. Whatever your mood, our September lineup has all the books you need to carry you through fall’s short days and chilly nights.


9/12: Frank the Seven-Legged Spider

What would you do if you woke up one morning without one of your legs? For Frank the Seven-Legged Spider the answer is search, search, and search! Is a spider really a spider if he only has seven legs? Can he still spin a web and pull pranks on unsuspecting humans? All will be revealed in this charming, heart-warming tale from author and illustrator Michaele Razi.


9/26: The Art of Flora Forager

For Bridget Beth Collins, the author and artist behind The Art of Flora Forager, tending one’s garden isn’t all watering cans and spades—it’s about creating something beautiful out of foraged items others might walk right past. Her love for creating beautiful works of art shines through on every page of her new book as surfers, kites, and butterflies come to life, crafted from scraps of nature found by Collins. Each piece is accompanied by a poignant caption that serves to elevate the romantic, whimsical appeal of Collins’s artwork.

Make Yourself At Home

9/26: Make Yourself at Home

When it comes to her philosophy on designing a space, for Moorea Seal, it’s less about decorating and more about discovering the things that bring you joy and make you feel rooted in your abode. “When we don’t take time to get to know ourselves and invest in our inner worlds, we can often lose track of who we are, what brings us joy, and what makes us feel unique and valuable,” she says in the introduction from her latest book, Make Yourself at Home. Seal inspires readers through the personal essays in her book, giving them the encouragement to look within themselves and find what is truly important to them.


9/26: My Rice Bowl

When it comes to comfort food, you can’t beat Korean cooking. From unctuous oxtails swimming in broth to Cornish game hens barbecued to charred perfection, it’s the type of food that sticks to your bones without weighing you down, making it the perfect companion to keep you company through fall and winter’s chilling temperatures. My Rice Bowl, from author and chef-restauranteur Rachel Yang, gives home cooks all the tools they need to create scrumptious, one-of-a-kind dishes to delight and excite with each bite.

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