Celebrate Earth Day!

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You’ve probably noticed that we love the outdoors here at Sasquatch Books, and we want to preserve the beautiful natural resources our Earth provides. We are dedicated to sharing that belief through the books we publish.

No matter what part of nature you’re passionate about, there may be a book or two that will inspire, inform, and instruct your contributions to a healthier and happier planet!


Animal Conservation



Return of the Sea Otter by Todd McLeish

Follow science journalist Todd McLeish as he sets out to discover the status, health, habits, personality, and viability of sea otters. These adorable, furry marine mammals reveal the health of the ecosystem along the Pacific Ocean and are a keystone species in coastal areas. The unique species was hunted to near extinction in the 18th and 19th centuries. Recently, thanks to their protected status, sea otters are making a comeback.



The Hidden Lives of Owls by Leigh Calvez

Join in on this author’s adventures into the world of owls: owl-watching, avian science, and the deep forest—often in the dead of night. These birds are a bit mysterious, and that’s part of what makes them so fascinating. Author Leigh Calvez makes the science entertaining and accessible while exploring the questions about the human-animal connection, owl obsession, habitat, owl calls, social behavior, and mythology.


 Water Conservation


The Colorful Dry Garden by Maureen Gilmer

Make your garden more water-friendly with a book that supports the transition to dry gardening by proving that gardeners can have all the gorgeous color and flowers they had in the past using just a fraction of the water. Author Maureen Gilmer provides a design-focused, easy-to-use guide to colorful, eye-catching foliage and flowers for your whole yard, from the ground plane to the canopy, for homeowners and landscapers faced with replacing thirsty gardens in California and other dry regions in the Western United States.


Growing Vegetables in Drought, Desert & Dry Times by Maureen Gilmer

Try your hand at growing healthy organic vegetables without wasting our precious water resources. This book will give dedicated home gardeners the know-how to grow delicious produce using modern techniques, as well as tips from native traditions ranging from the southwestern United States to the Middle East.


Sustainable Homes


The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery

Discover a healthier, greener, more self-sustaining and holistic approach to modern life with this comprehensive guide. If you’re tempted to go off the grid—or at least unplug a little bit—The Encyclopedia of Country Living will help you lower your carbon footprint and build your sustainable country escape haven.


New Minimalism

New Minimalism by Cary Telander Fortin and Kyle Louise Quilici

Check out this guide if you have a passion for sustainable living and interior design. Professional decluttering and design team Cary and Kyle will take you through every step of decluttering your home to then turning it into a beautiful, fresh space. And all of this without filling up a landfill. You’ll find resources and strategies to donate and reuse your stuff so you don’t have to feel guilty about getting rid of it!


Eating Locally


PNW Veg by Kim O’Donnel

Make conscious choices about the food you eat. Think simple, delicious, and healthy. This cookbook provides creative, “vegetable-forward” recipes that celebrate eating local fresh food. Recipes for meals, snacks, and desserts are simple and satisfying using in-season veggies.


Grow Cook Eat by Willi Galloway

Grow the food you love. From planting seeds in the soil to sitting down to enjoy a meal made with vegetables and fruits harvested right outside your back door, this kitchen gardening book shows you the way. Whether you are a gardening novice or seasoned green thumb this guide gives easy-to-follow information on planting, growing, harvesting, food storage, preparation, and recipes.


Get the Kids Involved Too!


Children’s Garden by Carole Lexa Schaefer, Illustrated by Pierr Morgan

Teach the next generation the value of growing your own food—or simply spending time outdoors. Illustrated with colorful paintings, this book features a group of children as urban farmers, exploring the sights, smells, sensations, and tastes of growing their own food in a community garden.


Curious Kids Guide

Curious Kids Nature Guide by Fiona Cohen, Illustrated by Marni Fylling

Take the kids on your next hike and see how many natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest they can spot in their own backyards. Filled with fun facts, ecological lessons, and 100 full-color, beautiful, and scientifically accurate illustrations, this nature guide will teach kids about some of the most intriguing flora, fauna, and natural phenomena of our region.



It’s no coincidence that Earth Day falls during National Volunteer Week. It’s like the universe is telling us to get out there and do some good. Find some organizations you are passionate about in your area and get involved!

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