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Will It Blow?

Become a Volcano Detective at Mount St. Helens

8-1/2 x 11; $14.99

48 pages

ISBN: 9781632171108

Will Mount St. Helens erupt again? Will it spit lava or unleash a deadly mudflow? Learn how to be a volcano detective, sifting through the evidence, searching for clues, and solving real-life cases. This classroom favorite has won numerous awards, including being named a Washington Reads pick, a Natural History magazine Best Book for Young Readers, and an Oregon Book Award finalist.

Featuring new cover art, the updated edition of this award-winning book explores the science behind the volcano’s eruptions and shows children how to do their own sleuthing to determine when and if the volcano will blow again.

When ELIZABETH RUSCH was 13, she was glued to the television in her home in Connecticut watching the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. At the time she didn’t even know that the United States had any active volcanoes. She knows better now. Rusch lives in Portland, OR.

"It is a fantastic book for kids as they are introduced to science."
—Parenting Healthy

"Perfect for summer vacations." 
—Northwest Healthy Mama

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