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How to Taste

The Curious Cook's Handbook to Seasoning and Balance, from Umami to Acid and and Beyond--with Recipes


240 pages

ISBN: 9781632171061

“Becky is a cook of enviable talent and a generous, insightful teacher. She somehow manages to cram an entire culinary education into just 200-odd pages using both hard science and sharp wit, and including kitchen experiments and recipes I can’t wait to make, from Sweet Potato Soup with Chile and Lemongrass to her grandmother’s brisket. I love this book.”
—Molly Wizenberg, author of A Homemade Life and Delancey
“Does your dish need salt, acidity, sweetness, or all three? What do ‘astringent’ and ‘umami’ feel like in your mouth, anyway? Becky Selengut is a chef of the people, and in this hilarious and practical manifesto, she answers those questions and many more. Your tongue is going to come out of this 100 percent smarter.”
—Matthew Amster-Burton, author of Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo
How to Taste is an informative, entertaining journey inside your own mouth. Selengut’s writing is so well-seasoned with humor that you’re challenged to complete the book without at least one retronasal laugh [snort].”
—Scott Heimendinger, technical director, Modernist Cuisine

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