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Flora Forager

A Seasonal Journal Collected from Nature

6-1/4 x 8-1/2; $16.95

144 pages

ISBN: 9781632170729

Using flower petals, leaves, and other natural materials she finds in her garden and urban wild areas, Flora Forager creates dreamy images that captivate her fans, especially on her wildly popular Instagram feed. Now Flora's unique artwork is featured in this lovely blank journal, which became an instant bestseller. This charming journal follows the seasons with beguiling images of bunnies, birds, butterflies, and other whimsical scenes, all beautifully rendered with flowers and other botanical elements. Featuring a deluxe package with rounded corners, a ribbon, and thick interior paper, this keepsake journal—filled with 80 percent new images, spot art throughout, and lined pages for writing—is sure to please Flora Forager’s avid fans and new users alike.

Flora Forager is Bridget Beth Collins: nature lover, painter, writer, Instagrammer, and botanical artist. She forages the materials for her creations from foliage and flowers plucked from the sidewalks, meadows, and woods of her neighborhood.

 "[Bridget Collins] uses leaves, petals and native Northwest greenery to form ethereal images of animals, insects, people and nature scenes."
—Evening Magazine

“[D]reamy botanical art.”

“I fell in love with Flora Forager.”
Snippet & Ink

“If you don’t already follow [Collins] on Instagram, you must check her out. Her artwork—created entirely with flower petals, leaves, and other foraged botanical materials from her garden and neighborhood—is absolutely breathtaking.”
—Floret Flowers blog

“[T]his beautiful journal by Bridget Beth Collins will leave you anxious to finally start writing down your garden daydreams!”
Garden Design


“[Collins] transforms flower petals, leaves and other natural materials into breathtakingly beautiful art.”

“Organized by seasons, one could capture a year in writing and be inspired by every turn of the page.”
—The Blooming Farmhouse

“[Collins] makes art out of nature and it is incredible.”
Magic Mum

“Bridget Beth Collins’s work has a cult following (just look at her Instagram feed).”

“Offers a lovely way to track seasonal changes and write observations about nature.”
New York Botanical Gardens blog

“Imagery rooted in nature.”
—The Falcon

“I’m just obsessed.”
—Sweet Violet Beauty

“Beautiful vignettes.”
—Laughing Squid

“Each work is so detailed, and so creative.”
—Hello Giggles
"She is a botanical artist who beautifully arranges flowers and plants into all kinds of gorgeous photos. Her journal has snippets of her breathtaking creations on every page." 
—Chasing Blue Skies

"The artwork… is created with found flowers and other foliage from places like the sidewalk near her home, urban parks and the gardens of family members." 
Seattle Times

Martha Stewart Weddings

 "Masterpieces from foliage and flowers... a beautiful mind."
Naturally, Danny Seo on NBC

—Floret Flower

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