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Anti-Inflammatory Eating for a Happy, Healthy Brain

75 Recipes for Alleviating Depression, Anxiety, and Memory Loss


192 pages

ISBN: 9781632170569

New from the author of Anti-inflammatory Eating Made Easy, this cookbook shows how to use diet to improve your state of mind. The latest research shows the connection between a healthy gut and a healthy mind. Inflammation markers are frequently found in the blood of people with anxiety and depression, proving a food-mood connection. In this book nutritionist Michelle Babb shows how reducing that inflammation and balancing the flora in the gut results in a healthy mind. Based on the success of her clients, Babb first explains the science behind this eating plan, then delivers 75 tasty recipes that range from simple to easy gourmet that will satisfy your taste buds, your microbiome, and your mood.

Based in Seattle, Michelle Babb, MS, RD, CD, is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition from Bastyr University. Her expertise in functional medicine helps her to empower clients to heal themselves by changing their relationship with food.

“So rich and delicious it will make your stomach and your brain happy.”
—425 Magazine

“Clean, green, and versatile as heck.”
—Extra Crispy

“Michelle Babb’s new book!”
—West Seattle Blog  

“The easiest way to sneak more anti-inflammatory foods into your diet.”

“Easy anti-inflammatory foods.”
—Q13 Fox  

“Recipes to delight vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike!”
—Feed Feed 

“[Recipes] that not only satisfy the taste buds but your microbiome and your mood too. Oh, and did we mention they're also super easy?”

“The little things we can do to take our mental health into our own hands.”
—Real and Vibrant

“How to use diet to improve your state of mind.”
—Addicted to Saving    

"Discuss[es] health and sustainability issues."
—The Stranger

“I love the way Michelle’s unique, holistic perspective using nutritional therapies, and yet an anti-diet approach, empowers us to heal ourselves naturally. She’s a woman after my own heart.”
—Root & Revel

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