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Where Do I Sleep?

A Pacific Northwest Lullaby

6-1/2 x 6-1/2; $9.99

20 pages

ISBN: 9781632170194

Based on the best-selling picture book of the same title, this adorable board book features colorful illustrations of sleeping baby animals accompanied by a melodic lullaby.

Jennifer Blomgren is both a writer and lover of nature. She has previously authored three children’s books.
Andrea Gabriel is the illustrator and/or author of eight picture books for children. She loves doing author visits to schools and is currently working on her first novel.

This tender pair [with Why Do I Sing?] should make lovely bedtime additions. Gentle verses describe the sleeping and singing habits of various animals. Each of the illustrations contains the name of the animal in question. Soft and sweet yet beautifully textured, the images are lovely and will have readers poring over them.
—School Library Journal

Local author Jennifer Blomgren and illustrator Andrea Gabriel set the perfect bedtime tone for your wild ones with Where Do I Sleep? A Pacific Northwest Lullaby. Beautiful illustrations and a melodic lullaby follow Pacific Northwest critters as they prepare for bed each night.
—Seattle's Child