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Gardener's Yoga

40 Yoga Poses to Help Your Garden Flow

6-1/2 x 6-1/2; $16.95

128 pages

ISBN: 9781570619892

Here are 40 yoga poses specifically designed for gardeners' bodies and spirits to stretch, relax, and grow through the seasons. With the right sequence of yoga poses, a gardener's body can bend with the wind and stretch to the sky to alleviate the aches that come from all that digging, pulling, and carrying. In this beautifully illustrated book, yoga poses are divided into seasonal sequences--or flows--each addressing the gardener's body, the state of the garden, and the natural world. The practice of yoga aligns perfectly with gardening in its motions, metaphors, and calming effects.

Veronica D'Orazio is a yoga instructor and freelance floral designer in Seattle. She is the co-author of Fleurish. Frida Clements is an illustrator and graphic designer. Her nature-inspired palette complements her distinctive Scandinavian aesthetic, in which flora and fauna are frequent subjects.

"Though dedicated yogis may already be doing many of these straightforward poses, I found making the connection between the seasonal tasks I'm doing and the yoga poses that help made me feel enthused to actually do them, which is half the battle in staying fit and strong."
—The North Coast Journal

"Gardener’s Yoga will appeal to new and existing gardener yogis, as well as to yoga teachers who are looking for inspiration in crafting seasonal flows."
New York Botanical Gardens: Plant Talk Blog

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