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Anti-Inflammatory Eating Made Easy

75 Recipes and Nutrition Plan

6-3/4 x 8; $22.95

208 pages

ISBN: 9781570619335

Inflammation is a hot topic in the world of health, nutrition, and weight loss, with activism by Dr. Oz, Michael Pollan, and Mark Bittman. With Anti-Inflammatory Eating Made Easy, eat as much as you want, lose weight, and heal your body. More and more people have become aware of the many benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet. Seattle nutritionist Michelle Babb has created an easy-to-follow nutrition plan and cookbook that helps readers combat inflammation with healthy recipes and food choices. Making dramatic lifestyle changes can be difficult, but the seventy-five recipes and nutrition plan in this book make that change approachable, understandable, sustainable, and delicious. Adopting an anti-inflammatory diet can help alleviate arthritis, type 2 diabetes, food allergies, skin conditions, weight gain, and many other symptoms of chronic inflammation.

MICHELLE BABB, MS, RD, CD, is a registered dietitian and a PCC Cooks instructor. She holds a Master's degree in nutrition from Bastyr University and has also trained at the Center for Mind Body Medicine. She lives in Seattle,WA.

Many people swear by an "anti-inflammatory" diet to help ease everything from joint pain to cancer. In many ways, it strongly resembles a Mediterranean diet, focusing primarily on plants, with protein coming from legumes, nuts, and fish. In her first cookbook, Babb provides a brief introduction to this type of eating and also a plan for a 21-day cleanse. The vast majority of the book though is a basic cookbook, with 75 delicious-sounding recipes. Nicely illustrated with beautiful color photos, the recipes include all the usual categories (breakfast, salads, sides, vegetarian entrees) but also some you might not expect, including fish and meat entrees, snacks, and desserts. While some ingredients may not be in your pantry (chia seeds, agave nectar), the recipes themselves are generally uncomplicated and mainstream enough to please most palates. Verdict: A nice addition to the cookbook shelf, with recipes that will appeal to many, not just those with specific health concerns. A trendy topic, recommended for public libraries and health collections.
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Reading this book will inspire a sense of wellness and thoughtfulness in your food choices and, perhaps more importantly, made your mouth water! 
Anna Micklin, University Book Store cookbook buyer

Reading this book will inspire a sense of wellness and thoughtfulness in your food choices and, perhaps more importantly, make your mouth water. 
City Living Seattle

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