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Petal & Twig

Seasonal Bouquets with Blossoms, Branches, and Grasses from Your Garden


128 pages

ISBN: 9781570617980

Forcing flowers to stand up and do tricks is the old way of flower bouquets. That called for flying in blossoms from around the world. The new way is so much more DIY and all about what's happening in the garden right now--no matter the season. Petal & Twig is full of photographs and descriptions of wonderfully fresh combinations from garden-expert Valerie Easton's own garden. With an inviting and personal tone, Easton shows how to assemble floral combinations for color, for fragrance, to express the essence of the season, for the dinner table, for the kitchen, for the bookshelf. Inspiration, experimentation, and simple pleasure are the keys to the new bouquets.

Valerie Easton, longtime garden columnist for the Seattle Times, is the author of four books about plants and gardens including The New Low-Maintenance Garden. She also writes for the Huffington Post, Organic Gardening, and Garden Design. The author lives in Seattle and Langley, WA.

Open your eyes and keep it simple: those are two lessons Easton (The New Low Maintenance Garden), a garden writer and Huffington Post columnist, passes on from her own 40 years in the garden. When selecting and arranging flowers for bouquets, you needn’t spend a bundle buying a bundle of imported flowers. Instead, check what’s in stock in your own backyard. Easton, who gardens in the Seattle area, offers refreshing counsel for thinking about bouquets through the year. They needn’t contain only colorful flowers. Add grasses, twigs, and foliage. Easton offers guidelines and principles (one can own a lot of thrift shop and garage sale vases) as well as a journal of possibilities through the seasons. Gardeners not in her area will have to substitute for some of her core list recommendations, and think very strategically in winters in less mild USDA growing zones about seedpods and branches. The result, however, will be unique, local, imaginative, and inexpensive. Color photos throughout illustrate and inspire. 
Publishers Weekly

Gardeners will learn to create beautiful seasonal bouquets with blossoms, branches and grasses from their yards in this lovely book featuring numerous color photographs.  Even in the winter, Easton uses twigs and the most resilient plants in her yard to bring nature into her home, and Petal & Twig chronicles her efforts over the course of a year.  Readers will also benefit from Easton's gardening and arranging tips, and a useful list of the best times to grow different plants.
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